Complete On-Site Engineering Services

The engineers at PumpWorks Castings can analyze any spare, worn or failed parts to provide a rapid replacement using nearly any metallurgy. Through the use of investment casting, conventional sand casting, modern 3D sand casting, and 3D printed molds, our on-site engineering services can deliver quality production units with a quick turnaround.

We control production variables by sourcing raw materials on American soil and using our team of on-site engineers to leverage trusted and modern solutions to your manufacturing needs. By simplifying the supply chain, we bring you the Price, Quality, and Delivery that you need to operate.

Our team leverages QA equipment including a 3D CT Scanner for Digital Casting RT, 3 Heat Treating Ovens with an accompanying Quench Pit, 3 Inductotherm Furnaces, and a Romer CMM Arm for Precision Inspection.

Contact us online today to see how our on-site engineering services can address your production needs.