Sand Castings

Our 3D printed mold sand casting process starts by using the highest quality raw materials available. To ensure a supply chain that is unaffected by international economic policies, our virgin raw materials are solely sourced in the USA to an advanced sand reclamation system that regulates sand quality and aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our modern sand casting foundry makes molds using a 3D sand printing process. This 3D printed mold method is on the cutting edge of the industry and notably cleaner than a standard foundry. Perhaps the main benefit is that you don’t have to wait several months to get a pattern made.

Our ExOne printed mold system gives us the flexibility to produce a casting without a pattern. Our engineers communicate directly with the 3D printer to go from concept to casting in less than 3 days. This advanced technology enables us to provide the fastest-delivery custom casting in the world for any cast metal parts!

PumpWorks Castings also maintains the ability to do high-grade investment casting to produce products that are much finer in their finish quality.

Contact us online today to speak with a PumpWorks Castings engineer about how our modern sand casting manufacturing process can serve your needs.