Non-Destructive Testing Methods (NDT) and Importance

Machine diagnostics require operators to disassemble components in a system to check for anomalies. Resulting downtime limits production capabilities. Non-destructive allows the inspection of the system components without disrupting or halting the production processes. What Is NDT? NDT encompasses techniques used to inspect machinery for defects without physically altering or disassembling the components. NDT is […]

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Lost-Wax Casting Process – How Does It Work?

The lost-wax casting process is used worldwide, and the method is often preferred by engineers. It provides flexibility when it comes to product design and the materials used. There are applications for which you want to use the lost-wax casting process, and instances when it’s not the best casting option. What Is Lost-Wax Casting? Lost-wax […]

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Complex Mold Production Reduces Lead Time by 9 Weeks – Saves Thousands

Customer Challenge The customer required extremely fast lead time as well as complicated casting geometry for replacement cylinders on an old obsolete compressor. MW Smith DXP Engineers, contacted Pumpworks Castings, LLC about the need for 2 Compressor Cylinders on an expedited basis. The challenge; reduce lead time from an estimated 17+ weeks down to 8 […]

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